Monday, 1 July 2013

Photo share - Garden Macro

Yesterday was a lovely day where I live so I took my macro lens for a walk around my garden.  I thought I'd share a few images of the damselflies that were around my pond, and one of a hover fly.

Here are a couple more that I took earlier in the year. One is a different kind of hover fly.  The other is a regular fly I caught napping in the sun on my windowsill so I was able to get very close to it.  Nice eye matrix detail.


  1. Excellent photographs Steve. Must have taken a lot of patience.

  2. Thanks David. Yes, patience is all part of the game I guess, and part of the challenge that makes it fun to do. The thing I most love about macro work is getting the images onto my laptop for the first time and seeing all the detail my eyes couldn't see when I took the photos. You can get a lot of 'wow' moments.