Thursday, 26 September 2013

My Scilly Holiday - with photos

Tresco - The Isles of Scilly

I'm just back from a trip to Tresco in the Isles of Scilly with Mrs R. It's one of those places I'd never been but always wanted to visit, so when a friend with a timeshare told us they couldn't go this year, I promptly said, "Yes please!"

As you can see, I was very happy! :o)

We crossed to the islands by ship on the Scillonian III out of Penzance and the crossing was the roughest the crew had known all summer, which I thought was typical. Thanks to the long overnight drive to Cornwall though, we both pretty much slept through the relatively short voyage. During our week-long stay on Tresco the weather was mixed with just about everything thrown in, and it's left me wanting to return for more of those sunny days. It's a magical, peaceful place, whatever the weather, and it was perfect for working on the plot for my fourth Jefferson Tayte book.

The Great Pool as seen from our window.  No sea view, but a lovely alternative

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It's no secret that as well as being an author, I'm a keen amateur photographer, and for this trip I bought a new lens to mount on my Canon 5D Mark III camera body - the ultra-wide-angle Canon 14mm f/2.8L II USM. I have to say that I'm very impressed with it and wanted to share some of my holiday snaps with you.  All the photos below were taken through this lens and you can see some of the locations on the map to the left. Click any image to see larger versions. Needless to say, I can't wait to go back and take some more - or just sit and watch the sea on those crowd free, white sand beaches again.

Ruin Beach, looking away from the beach restaurant

New Grimsby with the quay behind me

Low water at Old Grimsby, on the other side of the island

Sail boat at Old Grimsby with the Blockhouse on the right.

On the beach below the Blockhouse, facing Rushy Point

On the path to Tresco Abbey Gardens

Tresco Abbey ruin

Mrs R on the seabed between Tresco and Bryher.  The extra low tide is caused by an astrological event called syzygy (25 point Scrabble score), which occurs when the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are in alignment, making it possible to walk to the neighbouring island of Bryher for a limited time.  Very cool!


  1. Wow! Great photos, Steve - even the clouds were beautifully posing for you!

  2. It certainly helps when nature plays ball, Susanna. I've got lots of other photos from the trip where things didn't quite work out though. :o)

  3. I like the photo of Mrs R with everything sort of rushing towards her...

  4. Thanks Lexi, I'll let her know. It's one of the effects of the 14mm lens, enhanced by good clouds on the day and the streaks of seaweed in the composition. It's proving to be a fun lens to play around with. :o)

  5. As talented at photography as writing. ( illustrated Jefferson Tayte mystery with the author's own photos taken on location...just sayin'....;-)

  6. Sounds good to me, Barbara. Maybe the 'collectors edition' hardbacks can have some location photos in the middle of the book.

  7. Awesome shots of Scilly, and such luck to time your trip with the spectacular low tides. We got the raw deal when we went, not low enough to walk from Bryher to Tresco but not high enough to get the boat across without it dragging on the bottim either!

  8. Thanks for taking a look, Sam. Sounds like you'll have to go back and try again. Our timing was pure luck as we went via a friend's timeshare because she couldn't go this year. Just happened to be the right week for the syzygy. Can't wait to go back myself already.

    1. Looks amazing I had to google where it was ... there are some great really small islands out there all over the world

      bubblegum casting

    2. Thanks for taking a look. The gloomy grey sky outside my window is making me yearn to go back all the more.