Sunday, 3 November 2013

Featured in Family Tree magazine

How I became a signed storyteller

I talked to Helen Tovey at Family Tree magazine recently about my transition from independent author to being a signed author with Amazon Publishing.  Helen asked some great questions about what it means to me, as well as how I go about writing my genealogical mysteries.

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The December issue is out now and contains some great features including 'How to trace your living relatives' and 'How to write a family history to remember.' There's also a piece that was of particular interest to Jefferson Tayte called 'understanding gravestones - the symbolism of Scottish memorials.' Did you know that it's possible to tell the former profession of someone by the symbols on their headstone? Very useful for directing your search to the right apprenticeship records for example. It's also a great way to link research when writing fictional genealogy-based mysteries, and very useful to know when tracing real-life ancestry. You can read the full Family Tree magazine interview 'Becoming a best-selling storyteller' by following this link to  Family Tree Magazine Online