Saturday, 25 January 2014

New covers and blurbs for the Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mysteries

Out with the old - in with the new

I've been eager to share my new book covers with you ever since I saw the finished images a few months ago. Yesterday, I received the final full covers from Amazon Publishing, so I'm very excited to be able to say, "Here they are!" 

The level of input I've had towards their creation has been very impressive, to the degree that they feel as much 'my' covers as the originals. Amazon have certainly shown me that they both welcome and respect their authors' opinions, and between us I think the end results are great. I love the vibrant colours and the mood they set, and I think the inclusion of a figure in each image has added an extra connection that was lacking before. Seeing them all together like this makes me feel like a child in a sweet shop again, and I just know the paperbacks are going to look amazing. I can't wait to hold them all and see them together on my bookshelf! They will be available, along with the audio editions on CD and digital download from March 18.

I hope you like them, and thank you for taking the time to check them out. To see larger images where it might be easier to read the new blurbs, just click an image for the gallery.

In the Blood

The jetty or pontoon where Mawgan Hendry was murdered in 1803, as depicted in the prologue, is central to the story of In the Blood, and I'm glad it stayed. Now JT is there, pondering the mystery of Hendry's murder. I think the frothing clouds add great atmosphere, and they remind me of the nightmare Amy has in the book. I think the full jacket really adds to the drama and the sense of space as JT gazes out over the Helford River.

To the Grave

The new cover for To the Grave is perhaps the closest of the three to the original, but now with added  atmosphere. I think the mood it creates really suits the tone of the book. I always thought that Mena's little red suitcase - the beginning of the mystery - was a strong image, so I'm very glad it remained, and has now been made stronger by the indistinct, almost ghostly figure in the distance. I must see about getting the full Jackets printed for my cabin wall.

The Last Queen of England

This was the most effective improvement for me as it incorporates the imagery I always had in my head, but which I was unable to reproduce with the tools I had - largely my camera and limited graphics software. It shouts thriller to me now: St Pauls ties it to London for a big backdrop, JT is there running with his briefcase, as he is throughout most of the book, and those subtly rendered binary digits - the key to the story - streaming down the cover like something from The Matrix. I love it.

And here they are together. I think the series and author identities are nice and strong. Book four will be out later this year, with the release date due to be announced at the launch on March 18.


  1. Very nice - and they all work so well together. Amazon has done you proud :o)

  2. Thanks Lexi. Yes, I think they have indeed. Those colours should stand out well.

  3. They're stunning, Steve. Well done!
    Karen Charlton
    author of
    'The Heiress of Linn Hagh'
    'Catching the Eagle'

    1. Thanks Karen. I can't wait to see how the cover for book four turns out now. :o)

  4. I think they're brilliant! I've just been comparing them with the originals...and they were good... but these have gone into a different league, haven't they? They're eye-catching and will definitely hook even more readers into the series. Now... as with all your other fans... I'm looking forward to March!!!! ;-)

    1. Thanks Gill, I'm glad you like them. I do love the colours myself. I'm thinking of dark blue and silvery for book four. Not that that tells you much about it, but it should sit in the colour range nicely. :o)

      At least you should be able to find out what the title of the next book is on March 28 thought as Amazon want to put a pre-order placeholder up then, along with the release release date.