Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Lost Empress release date

I'm very pleased to announce that the release date for my new Jefferson Tayte genealogical mystery has been set. The fourth book in the series The Lost Empress will be available worldwide for the Amazon Kindle, in paperback and audiobook formats from...

21 October, 2014

The product page has been created on Amazon, although there's no jacket image or description yet. You can pre-order it though, and it's encouraging to see that there are already orders being placed. Here's a link to The Lost Empress in the Amazon Kindle store for your country.

I can't wait to see the jacket design and to be able to share it with you, along with the description once it's been finalised. If you're enjoying my Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mysteries, I hope The Lost Empress will engage and entertain you just as much as the previous books in the series have.