Sunday, 19 October 2014

Video: Behind the Cover: Featuring Steve Robinson

The mini-documentary I was asked to make for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing earlier in the year has now been released. It focuses on my eight year journey since being made redundant from my career in telecoms, to realising my dream of becoming a full-time author. I hope you enjoy it.

Shooting the film was a lot of fun, even if I was pretty nervous about it beforehand. It's wonderful to be able to look back on the day through the medium of video. We visited a few locations: my home and garden, the river in the village where I live, and for the afternoon we took the train into London to shoot outside St.Paul's Cathedral, which features in my third book, The Last Queen of England. I've uploaded some new 'behind the scenes' photographs from the day, which were taken by the stills photographer, Jason. That's him on the right. Thanks Jase! You can click on any image to see the larger versions in the gallery.

I was asked to grab my hat and put it on
in the mirror before heading off to my cabin.

Shooting the 'hat' scene by my back door.

Being interviewed outside my writing cabin.

Sitting on the sofa inside my cabin,
reading my second book, To the Grave.

Being interviewed by the river.
Fluffy boom mic and all!

Tapping story ideas into Notes on my iPhone.

A portrait by the river.

The dome of St Paul's Cathedral.

Shooting outside St Paul's Cathedral. I found
this bit quite scary as it's a very busy area, with
people walking close by, often stopping to watch.

I wonder what I was thinking about?

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