Wednesday, 29 March 2017

DYING GAMES is now on NetGalley

A serial killer. A deadly game of revenge.

If you're a NetGalley member you can read my latest Jefferson Tayte mystery thriller now.

Out 4 May
About Dying Games:

Washington, DC: Twin brothers are found drowned in a Perspex box, one gagged and strapped to a chair. It’s the latest in a series of cruel and elaborate murders with two things in common: the killer has left a family history chart at each crime scene, and the victims all have a connection to genealogical sleuth Jefferson Tayte.

Hoping his insight and expertise will help solve the case, the FBI summon Tayte back to the capital. But as he struggles to crack the clues, the killer strikes again—and again. Tayte is known as the best in the business, but this time he’s up against a genealogical mastermind who always seems to be one step ahead.

With the clock ticking and the body count rising, Tayte finds himself racked with guilt, his reputation and career in tatters. The killer is running rings around him; is it only a matter of time before he comes for the ultimate target?

This is the sixth book in the Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery series but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story.

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Another Jefferson Tayte book is under way!

Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery Book 7!

It always seems a little odd to talk about the book I'm currently writing before the next one is out, but I can't hold back any longer. I've been hard at it since 2017 began, having worked on the plot in the closing months of last year after finishing DYING GAMES, which I am of course very excited about. Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered it, by the way. If you've yet to pre-order your copy, it's on Amazon now and will be released on 4 May worldwide in all formats. Here's a link.
Anyway... As you can see from the photo I've attached, it's not been easy getting started (it never is). So much so this time that I've had to follow Jefferson Tayte's practice of breaking open a bag Hershey's miniatures to help me grind out the beginnings of the story, which is really two story beginnings is this case, as there's a present and a past timeline to write.
The Hershey's seem to have worked, because I'm now around 17,000 words in. I've started JT's storyline off, which has taken him somewhere new in the British Isles, and I'm also underway with the past narrative, which is set almost 200 years ago in a country that's new to both JT and me, so as you can imagine, I'm knee deep in research again.
I think book 7 is going to be quite an adventure, and one I have high hopes for. I even have the title worked out, which is a first for me this early in the process. Hopefully, I'll have the first draft finished before the winter, so publication shouldn't be too far behind a year on from DYING GAMES.
I'll keep you posted.